The Quality Of The Images Can Be Translated Into Sales

In many occasions, we see in the web photos that are noticed as a result of the low resolution of the same ones that were done with cell phones, as many of them look poorly focused, or just upload photographs that are not of great interest for the users. At this point, you have to know how to rank and decide which are the most important spaces for users and of course for investors in general, for example, it is not possible to load images of a bathroom but not from an area as important as what is the kitchen. It is essential at this point to apply common sense and show people what they want to see.

T is essential that the images have sufficient luminosity, for which it is recommended to take advantage of natural and artificial light, both are important to achieve a quality result. Regarding the time of day when it is more convenient to take the shots, we can say without a doubt that it is during the morning, however, if you have a professional camera and a tripod you can also take pictures of the facade at night, as long as you have the necessary lighting so that you can see the details.